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DAEDALUS. The  saga of the  man,  magistrate  Paolo  Ferraro

Daedalus and the ninth round.

The judge’s thread and a labyrinth whithout no more secrets.

The  saga of the  man,  magistrate  Paolo  Ferraro. Love,  passion,  reality  deviated  and secret services.
A  psycho  esoteric  sect  in  a  civil   military  district,  the   diverted   judges “dei ex machina”  of  intrigue  together with the psychiatry of the ”hidden power”, a  criminal  and  compartecipe family, an hidden interweaving.  The  short  novel in html and pdf: “This in itself means little or nothing” is the introductory book.
But   a   deep   power  cement  is  discovered  and  analyzed,  unveiled  in  all  its  components, methodologies,   tools,   and  activities, using  a   system   of    direct,   audible,   evaluable and unique recordings (audio and video audio recordings of calls, conversations between present and covered activities carried out).